Goldster Clinic: Neurological Q&A

Look after your brain, and reduce your risk of dementia. Explore breakthrough neurological care with experts Professor Muir Gray and Andrew Lane at Goldster Clinic: Neurological.

Goldster Clinic: Neurological Q&A

Look after your brain, and reduce your risk of dementia.


Join us on Friday, 23rd February, for the introductory session of the Goldster Clinic: Neurological, featuring insights from renowned experts Professor Muir Gray, the first Chief Knowledge Officer of the NHS and author of Increase Your Brainability and Reduce Your Risk of Dementia and Andrew Lane. This clinic is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and management of neurological health, offering a new perspective on care and support without focusing on specific conditions. Professor Gray's expertise in value-based healthcare and Andrew Lane's deep understanding of the impact of pharmaceuticals on well-being will provide a comprehensive overview of innovative approaches to neurological wellness.


This session aims to create a supportive community for individuals navigating neurological health challenges, providing actionable knowledge and strategies to improve daily life. Whether you're affected by a neurological condition or interested in learning more about brain health, this clinic promises a blend of expert guidance, latest research, and compassionate support, marking a significant step forward in neurological care at Goldster.

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