Breathwork And Meditation

Revolutionise wellbeing with these intelligent breathing techniques. By focussing on breathing and adopting specific breathing practices it will help mental, emotional and physical states.


Breath is vital for life, it is a life force. However over the years this life force can start to shut down due to various life events. Find out how to heal and refresh mind, body and soul by adopting specific breathing techniques.

This class emphasises the importance of breathing for health and wellbeing. By breathing deeply, and with the diaphragm, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, heart rate is slowed and blood pressure lowered. Thus a larger amount of oxygen reaches the body’s cells and organs  Do consult a medical advisor before attending if you have any existing conditions or have had recent surgery.

The breathing technique used will be pranayama, yogic breathwork (pranayama literally means 'energy control'), to centre the mind and find harmony within the nervous system. Followed by a mindfulness-based meditation. 

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