2022-01-23T08:00:00Z - 2022-01-23T09:00:00Z
Tim Harris Strength & Energy Workout A class to energise the body for the fantastic day ahead, with a full-body workout designed to increase stamina, while building healthier muscles and bones.
2022-01-23T09:00:00Z - 2022-01-23T10:00:00Z
Andy Yau Intro to Tai Chi Begin your journey into the wonderful world of Tai Chi. Feel at ease as you harness your inner strength and feel a calm state of mind.  An easy-to-follow guide to learning the basic positions and moves of Tai Chi.
2022-01-23T09:00:00Z - 2022-01-23T10:00:00Z
Aimee Moore Reflexology & Music Let this class help you unwind and focus on easing your mind and body topping it all off with a musical 'smile'.
2022-01-23T11:00:00Z - 2022-01-23T12:00:00Z
Lindsay McAllister Advanced Contemporary Ballet An advanced, moderate impact, full-body exercise, set to music, aimed at promoting good posture, balance, coordination and concentration.
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