Indian Cooking

with Monica Haldar
Monday 11th
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Who is this class for?


  • Always fascinated by the food of India
  • Wanted to know how to make your ultimate spice mix
  • Enjoy this all from the comfort of your own kitchen
  • Cook along with the chef step by step
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Indian Cooking Adopting the Indian attitude of ‘mealtimes are good times’ this is a cookery class with a large helping of family friendliness.
Indian Cooking Class

Hi, I'm Monica and let me showcase the rich variety that Indian food has to offer. Each class will typically reflect a particular region of India. In India meal-times are all about having good times, with good people over good food. Monica treats each class as if she were cooking for or with her very own family.

All of the dishes are made using fresh ingredients and home-made spice blends. Wait until you see when the spice box, an integral part of Indian cuisine, is revealed.

I will give you a guided tour around 'The Spice Box'. Let me show you the main spices used in Indian cookery as well as the health benefits of spices.  You will learn how to get the most of your spices and she will also demonstrate the art of toasting spices. Get your pestle & mortar at the ready.

Meet the instructor Monica Haldar
Monica has been teaching Indian cookery for over 10 years after founding THE SPICE CLUB and SHIKSHAK – her own Indian cookery schools and pop-up restaurant in Manchester, Birmingham and online. The Spice Club is truly a labour of love and reflects her passion for showcasing authentic Indian cookery.
Geek Notes

Benefits of cooking skills and knowledge, include:

  • Improving dietary choices
  • Eating more vegetables and fruit
  • Cooking at home
  • Social interaction
  • Coping with meals
  • Preventing being underweight
  • Improving cognition.

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