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Healthy Sleep Programme | 26th September - 16th October


Programme Dates: 26th September to 16th October 2022

Getting a good night's sleep doesn't happen overnight, it's a habit and a routine. Goldster's 21-Day Healthy Sleep programme uses the latest non-drug interventions in a live and interactive programme to help you to set a better sleep routine with proven concepts, techniques, and sleep-related information from our dedicated coach Anna Campkin.

There are 3 keys things that have been shown to help people sleep better that we want to help you do on the programme:

  • Engage in physical activity or movement in the mornings or afternoons
  • Manage stress during the day
  • Find ways to relax in the evenings and before bed.

The Goldster 21-day Healthy Sleep programme includes:

  • Three weeks of Goldster online classes via Zoom to choose from including activities for: Activation - classes for physical exercise and mindful movement; Relaxation - classes for reducing stress, winding down and preparing for sleep
  • Online live 1-hour group coaching sessions via Zoom with Life Coach Anna Campkin on Wednesday the  28th September, 5th and 12th of October at 9am BST.  Friday 30th September, 7th and 14th of October at 10:00am BST
  • A “Science of Sleep” lecture with Clinical Scientific Research Lead Dr Zara Quail 
  • If you miss the coaching or lecture sessions, a recording will be sent to you the following day.
  • Weekday coaching, motivation and feedback on a closed Facebook group.
  • Questionnaires and worksheets to look at sleep factors
  • Daily emails with class reminders and motivational quotes

Download the programme brochure here


Meet Anna Campkin

Anna is a Personal Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and is passionate about empowering others. Coming from a creative background herself and 13 years in the theatre industry she knows the pressures upon performers and creatives to constantly be “on” and how their identity can feel intrinsically linked to their work. She has worked in the NHS, charity sector, in businesses in UK, EU and USA and is currently resident life coach for Goldster platform, care visions for healthy ageing. Her passion is working with people to help them rediscover their zest for life, and grow in to their best selves.