Daily Classes

If you’re going to be taking part in some of our classes, then it would be nice to know who you’ll be learning from. Meet just a few of the expert instructors who are running some of our daily classes here at Goldster. Get to know them below as they will soon become familiar and friendly faces.



Kath Temple

The Happiness Hub

“You have but one wild and precious life, live your best one as your best self”, says Kath Temple - Founder of the Happiness Hub on Goldster.

Kath is a warm and inspiring powerhouse and has helped thousands of people with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. A Master Coach and Solution-focussed Psychotherapist, as well as an NLP and EFT Master Trainer and has worked with legends such as Paul Mckenna and Dr Gabor Mate. In fact, she has such a long list of qualifications that we can’t fit them all in here!

A favourite voice with mainstream media, You can join Kath on Mondays and Wednesdays and find your happy place.



Tim Harris

Entry-level, Intermediate and Resistance training

Tim’s Harris is known for helping people achieve results that they didn’t think were possible, particularly by using weights and resistance training to tackle the side effects of Menopause and beyond.

“Weight lifting and resistance training is wildly misunderstood, and many believe it’s for men only”, says Tim. He is an advocate of the mental well-being benefits of exercise, too and thinks that everyone deserves to feel this.

With eight years of experience behind him, he’s a favourite with our members, and you can join him each morning on Goldster.



Jude Hirschheimer


Jude’s Passion is helping people recover from injury and pain. It was through Jude’s early career as a musician and her studies as a woodwind player that she began to understand the profound effects posture and breathing can have on the body.

Jude discovered her love for anatomy and movement and retrained firstly as a personal trainer and then as a Pilates teacher She has 15 years of experience working with a variety of people, from Postoperative surgery patients to athletes and people looking to improve their movement and health. Her aim is to provide a calm, friendly space in which to help people make a difference in their bodies.

“Moving the body is an effective way to shift and free the mind”, says Jude.



Ross Duttson

Face Yoga

Ross is known as the personal trainer for your face! That’s right- just like we exercise our bodies to keep them in shape, Ross will teach you to do the same with your face.

Face yoga is a series of facial exercises that strengthen the facial muscles to give you a rejuvenated natural look and get a general boost of well-being and confidence. With 15 years of experience behind him and a global client list to boot, attending Ross’ class will bring a glow to your skin and a feel-good boost to your mind.

Intrigued? You can join him on Fridays at 10 am.




Dan Hope

Self-massage for pain relief

Have you ever thought about giving yourself a massage to ease any nagging aches and pains?

Meet Daniel Hope, Tour Goldster massage therapist specialising in Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy. He Qualified at level 5 from the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage and has an extensive understanding of the anatomy, physiology & biometrics of the body.

Many of our members have found self-massage for pain relief a soothing way of relieving tension and a great way of unwinding in the comfort of your own home.







Claudia le Feuvre

Nutrition Club

If you are looking for practical advice on how to use nutrition to support your health Nutrition Club is the place to be.  From healthy digestion to foods for brain health, our Goldster nutritionist, Claudia, is passionate about making nutrition fun, inspiring and practical, and she has helped hundreds of people boost their nutrition and transform their health.

Claudia has 16 years of experience as a Nutritional Therapist & Eating Psychology Coach and has helped clients with a wide range of health concerns.

Claudia lectures at The British College of Nutrition & Health and The Nutritional Healing Foundation. You can join her every Wednesday and Friday. “Start your new beginning now.” Says Claudia- we couldn’t agree more.