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Tea with Lee

Unwind and engage with "Tea with Lee"! Join us for this stimulating class and livestream, hosted by much-loved Goldster presenter and psychotherapist, Lee Pycroft. A cosy opportunity to come together, chat, make new connections and share ideas.
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This is a chance for us all to come together, chat, make new connections and share ideas. So, grab a cup of tea (or your favourite beverage) and join us for this fun and interactive livestream on Goldster and in this Facebook community group - The Goldster Community Group

Also joining us will be the fabulous Goldster customer support, Tricia Mushiso!

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Lee Pycroft
Lee Pycroft is a highly regarded make-up artist. She has painted the faces of both royalty and many A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway and Joely Richardson. Her TV work has ranged from slots on QVC through to leading the make-up team for popular show Britain’s Next Top Model. Lee started her career as a make-up artist working with high-profile clients in the entertainment industry. After decades of enhancing their individual beauty, she wanted to be able to support and empower others to overcome any personal challenges they may be facing, aiding their emotional balance too. What came next was an initiative that used beauty and makeup as a form of self-care for society’s most vulnerable, for which she received a Help for Heroes ‘Hero Award’ for her outstanding contribution. After witnessing the impact these makeovers had on the guests’ wellbeing, Lee trained as a psychotherapist and became a registered member of the Human Givens Institute. Since then, Lee has lectured to university students on both beauty and mental health and created workshops and presentations for brands such as Neutrogena, Lloyds Banking Group, and The British Beauty Council. Her tips and strategies can be seen across mainstream media such as Glamour, Vogue and Style.
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