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The Inside Story Liz Jensen is the best-selling author of eight novels including the eco-thrillers The Rapture and The Uninvited, and the The Ninth Life of Louis Drax which was adapted by Hollywood. Critics have described Liz as one of today’s most innovative writers.
About Liz Jensen

Liz Jensen is the best-selling author of eight novels including the eco-thrillers The Rapture and The
Uninvited, and the The Ninth Life of Louis Drax. Critics have described her as one of today’s most
innovative writers whose novels capture the terrain between realism and science fiction and Louis Drax
was adapted by Hollywood into a box-office feature film starring Jamie Dornan.
Much of Liz’s work revolves around the environment and impact of climate change. She is a founder
member of Extinction Rebellion’s Writers Rebel, a literary movement which includes writers such as
Margaret Drabble, Ben Okri. Amitav Ghosh and Zadie Smith.
Her son, Raph, became a leading figure of Extinction Rebellion under the name of Iggy Fox, planning
and leading key protests in London. In February last year, Raph, suddenly died while filming an
environmental campaign in South Africa. Liz abandoned the latest novel she was writing to work on a
book about grief.
Before becoming a full-time novelist, Liz Jensen was a print and radio journalist in Hong Kong and
Taiwan. She then spent four years as a freelance writer, translator and sculptor in France, and ten as a
BBC producer. Liz lives in Copenhagen where she shares her life with Danish writer Carsten Jensen,
author of the critically-acclaimed We, The Drowned, which she co-translated into English as Emma
Ryder. Her work has been short-listed for the Guardian Fiction Award, nominated three times for the
Women’s Fiction prize, adapted for theatre and radio, and translated into twenty languages.

Meet the instructor Humphrey Hawksley
Humphrey Hawksley has reported on key trends, events, and conflicts from all over the world. Humphrey is the author of the acclaimed ‘Future History’ series Dragon Strike, Dragon Fire and The Third World War that explores world conflict. He has published four international thrillers, Ceremony of Innocence, Absolute Measures, Red Spirit and Security Breach, together with the non-fiction Democracy Kills: What’s so good about the Vote – a tie-in to his TV documentary on the pitfalls of the modern-day path to democracy from dictatorship. His television documentaries include The Curse of Gold and Bitter Sweet examining human rights abuse in global trade; Aid Under Scrutiny on the failures of international development; Old Man Atom that investigates the global nuclear industry; and Danger: Democracy at Work on the risks of bringing Western-style democracy too quickly to some societies. "Make it Happen"
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